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 Nobody knows (English translation)

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PostSubject: Nobody knows (English translation)   Nobody knows (English translation) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 11:25 am

YUI – Nobody Knows
Translated by Hatsumichan

Kakko tsukeru no ne
So you’re trying to be cool huh [1]

Yeah わかったようなふりして
Yeah wakatta you na furishite
I pretend like I already knew

kimi no yaritai you ni
And I end up saying something like [2]

um やればいいさとか言っちゃって
um yareba ii sa toka icchatte
“Just do things the way you want to” [2]

aranami wo wataru
Crossing over stormy seas

mada minu machi e iku
I go to a place that has not yet been seen [3]

hitori yogari de wa
Remaining self-complacent [4]

Yeah 危険過ぎるのよ リアルなDays
Yeah kiken sugiru no yo RIARU na days
is too dangerous for these REAL days [5]

settoku mo suru
I’m also trying to convince you

um soko wa akiramecha ikenai
that you can’t give up there

kodomo mitai na me de
Are you going to say those innocent things

mujaki na koto iu no
with child-like eyes?

Nobody Knows

anata omou yori
Much more than you think they are,

人の気持ちは ah ah
hito no kimochi wa
people’s feelings are

fukuzatsu na PAZURU
a complicated puzzle

amaku micha ikenai ki ga suru
I have a feeling they cannot be taken lightly

ah Baby Baby Baby

jirettai hodo
Worrying to the point of getting irritated

ah nayanjatte susumenaku naru no yo
And then you’re unable to move forward you know [6]

dakara tayori ni shiteiru
That’s why I rely on

I follow my friend

tsugi wo mezasu toki ni wa
when I’m aiming for the next step [7]

shitagau koto datte
Things that follow the rules are

tadashii sentaku
the right decisions

Nobody Knows

utagau dake nara
If all you do is doubt others

たやすいこと oh oh
tayasui koto
take the simple things

tameiki no pazuru
and the puzzle of your sighs

sotto narabe naoshite miru no
and try to gently re-align them

ah Baby Baby Baby

ira ira shite tachi domatte
I get annoyed and stop in my tracks

demo guchirazu ni taete miseru kara
but without complaining, I’ll show you that I can endure this

hottoite yo
So leave me alone

ukkari nayanda kao nante misete
If I inadvertently showed my troubled face

nagusame ga hajimatta nara
and the comforting started

nagabiite shimau dake da wa
it would only end up prolonging it

ii ko no furi de hanashi wo kiku no mo
Because pretending to be a good girl and listening to everyone’s words

hontou wa ne
actually, you know,

tsukarechau kara
really makes me tired

Nobody Knows

tsuyoku aritai
I want to be strong

どこへ逃げても oh oh
doko e nigetemo oh oh
No matter where I escape to

oikakete kuru
They come running after me

guzu guzu dekinai
I can’t linger around

Nobody Knows

anata omou yori
Much more than you think they are,

人の気持ちは ah ah
hito no kimochi wa
people’s feelings are

fukuzatsu na PAZURU
a complicated puzzle

amaku micha ikenai ki ga suru
I have a feeling they cannot be taken lightly

ah Baby Baby Baby
ah Baby Baby Baby

[1] – You can translate 「ね」 (ne), however you want as long as it
basically has the idea of confirming for agreement from another party on
something that the speaker may already know, so for example: “right?”
or “you know?” I used “huh” as in “So you broke my guitar huh…” (same
general idea)

[2] – 言っちゃって (icchatte) – Any verb that ends with a “chatte” or a
“jyatte” expresses the idea that someone did that action but kind of
“regrets” doing that action, or it was something that they didn’t mean
to do, but they ended up doing it anyway (which is why it’s translated
how it is). And these two lines need to be read in succession.

[3] – 街 (machi) – has a lot of meanings depending on how it’s used:
“town,” “block,” “neighborhood,” “street,” etc… but I kinda took some
poetic license and made it into “place” because it seems more general
and fits more with the vague image of going somewhere that hasn’t been
seen before. You can replace “place” with “town,” “block,”
“neighborhood,” “street” etc… if you want. It doesn’t sound as pretty in
my head and it gets too complicated ^^;;

[4] – 独りよがりでは (hitoriyogari de wa) – So 独りよがり(hitoriyogari) means to
be complacent with oneself, and the で(de) after it means that you’re “in
the state of being” complacent and you can either do something in that
state, or just stay that way. In these lyrics, the は(wa) is referring to
the “constant state of being complacent” and saying that that “is too dangerous” (Which is why it’s translated as it is)

[5] – リアルなdays (RIARU na days) – So RIARU is the Japanese
pronunciation of “real” and then adding the “na” after it makes it an
adjective describing “days,” but if YUI just wanted to say “real days”
she could’ve just said it all in English, but to me, “REAL na
days” makes it kind of limited because there may be days that are not
described as “real.” So like for example: “Today is a rainy day”, but
that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be a rainy day. Now think of “real” in
this lyric as being the same type of adjective as “rainy.” So I threw in
“for these REAL days” for the translation to make everything connect
and to make it kind of show that there are those specific days that are

[6] – よ(yo) at the end of a sentence expresses emphasis that what the
speaker is saying is something that the speaker feels strongly in and
knows for sure (therefore the “you know” as a part of the translation).

[7] – 次(tsugi) literally just means “next,” but it has the
implication of there being a next stage or step that someone wants to
accomplish. So if I’m grading papers and I say “tsugi!” to my assistant,
I could either mean that I want the next paper, or I want the next
class’ pile, or I want the next assignment to grade. Either way, it
shows that I want to move forward to the next step/stage of my job,
which is how I interpreted it here.

credits to Nobody knows (English translation) 2863987946 YUI-Lover.com
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Nobody knows (English translation)
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